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01 December 2009 @ 02:07 pm
here's part 2! :D

Yunho was almost home and was thinking about what kind of meal to have, his parent's were out of town and no one would be there to check up on him, usually Jaejoong and his mom would do that but...

When Yunho finally reached his doorstep he found a very lost and especially wet red elephant.
The one that he gave..?
The older one ran over when Jaejoong came into sight and stared wide-eyed.

"Jae! What's wrong? What happened?" the taller one shook the other frantically.

Not waiting for the answer he unlocked the door and ushered the small one into the house. The other was soaking wet so Yunho grabbed a towel and he went to go warm up a bath for the now freezing boy. He helped Jaejoong peel off his damp clothes and Yunho put them into the washer, and ran back to check up on him seeing the other sneezing a bit in the tub. Yunho smiled a bit.

"Are you okay?"

For the first time in days since not seeing Jaejoong, Yunho finally saw a tiny smile at the corner of those pouty lips.

"Hey Jae, if you don't mind me asking, why were you here at my doorstep? It was already pouring outside."

Jaejoong looked up a bit and suddenly wrapped his arms around Yunho's torso.

"I'm so sorry Yunho, I haven't talked to you in awhile since all the schedules for the soulmates debut started, and I’ve kinda missed you."

Yunho grinned and hugged his best friend back and noticed his temperature was hotter than usual. The older one hurried back to his room to pick out a newly washed towel for the other to dry himself.

"Stay here okay? I think you have a fever; I'll go get clothes and medicine ready for you. You're staying for the night."

Again not waiting for a response Yunho left the bathroom claded with only a towel at the waist and went in search for everything.

Jaejoong didn't want to go to sleep just yet seeing how it was only 9:00 pm and if he slept early he'd wake up too early in the middle of the night. So the two boys lounged around in the living room watching some movie that neither paid attention to. Jaejoong's soup was half left and the boy was bundled up in blankets feeling how cold it was. Suddenly the lights and TV’s power's switched off and the first feeling through Yunho was panic but then suddenly flashes of light lighted the room followed by loud thunders. This was indeed a lot like how it was when they were kids except even worse, all the power was out. Giving Jaejoong a reassuring squeeze in the arm Yunho found his way around the kitchen cabinet's for a much needed flashlight. Turning it on Yunho smiled to his friend.

"It's almost 10 at night anyways, you wanna just stay in my room and wait until sleep comes?"

Jaejoong just nodded and slowly got up feeling a bit weak. But Yunho helped him; half carried him, up the stairs into the farthest right corner of the hall where Yunho's room was. During the movie Yunho had plenty of time to think about matters and what happened today. Jaejoong was debuting with Yoochun and he wasn't informed about this until today and then next he walks home and finds Jaejoong on his doorstep shivering in the rain. He needed answers.

Settling on top of the bed Yunho asked.

"Jae..’’ he slowly said. "Why didn't you tell me that you were partnering up with Yoochun for debut instead?" he said hoping that Jaejoong would quickly catch on to what he meant.

Jaejoong sighed, "I’m sorry Yunho-ah. I wanted to tell you but Soo Mann piled me up with work and soo many things had to be done. I would've told you just...I couldn't. Yunnie again I'm really sorry."

For a second Yunho thought he saw Jaejoong’s eyes glistening from..tears? Noo it couldn't be he thought, Jaejoong wouldn't cry over something like that, would he? Unless Jaejoong felt guilty about breaking that promise they made years ago...but Jaejoong would have probably forgotten about it anyway, right?

"It's okay, it's just I was a bit worried. You know I haven't heard of you for days and I thought something happened."

All feelings about being mad or betrayed or sad lingered in Yunho's heart but all was overshadowed by those same fluttery feelings he always got when he was with Jaejoong.

Jaejoong-ah. Don’t fall sick please.

All it mattered right now was that Jaejoong was not feeling well and he had to help him. So Yunho excused himself from the room and came back and forth bringing items back. Jaejoong fell into a weird sleep, falling into slumber and waking up again seeing flashes of Yunho through his eyesight. His head felt lightheaded and thoughts swirled around his mind. Everything was so confusing and suddenly hot. Why did it feel as if the temperature in the room got higher? Everything went to a blur and he couldn't help but let his head bob up and down looking for the right focus. Yunho walked into the room and seeing the state his best friend was in he rushed to him dropping all of the massive fluffy pillows to the ground. He moved his hands to brush against the other's forehead and felt Jaejoong heat up immensely so Yunho ran to the bathroom and got a wet cold towel cloth. Jaejoong sat there on the toilet bowl as Yunho dipped the towel into the freezing water and washed Jaejoong’s body heat away. After awhile Jaejoong fell asleep in his sitting position (which Yunho thought was so cute) and Yunho had to carry the sleeping boy cladded in only boxer's back to bed with the help of light from his flashlight. Yunho arranged soft lighted candles around the room in patterns and he brought extra fluffed up pillows onto the king sized bed. He laid Jaejoong there and soon after he joined the boy.

Yunho hugged the red elephant until he heard little mumbling that he tried to sound out.

"Yun...its too cold in here..”, Jaejoong tugged at Yunho to signal to him that he was not feeling his best at the moment.

Instinctively, the older boy let Jaejoong hug him even tighter than before to replace the cold with his own body warmth.

"Thank you, yunnie." and Yunho watched as Jaejoong’s face inched closer to his and felt his hot breath against his own lips.

Jaejoong lowered his pouty lips to Yunho's heart shaped ones and stayed there for a moment, only to lie back down again, his head resting against Yunho's chest. Stunned, all Yunho could think about was, please don't hear my heart beating; please don't hear my heart beating, as he felt the pace of his heart quicken. Just this scene looked like they were lovers. Yunho couldn't help but blush. Even though he knew the latter probably did not do it on purpose, he couldn't help but be stunned by the the fact that, Jaejoong kissed him. He kissed him!!!

Trying to act nonchalant Yunho replied.

"It’s..it’s alright Jae. No need to thank me, that's what friends are for, after all. " but Jaejoong could just imagine the big blush on the other's face as the words flowed out of the mouth he accidentally just brushed against.

Surprising Yunho again, Jaejoong gently kissed the top of Yunho's chest where underneath his fast beating heart lay.

Managing to heave out a soft laugh, Jaejoong said, "you are blushing Yunnie? Haha its alright. "

And Yunho almost lost it. Either Jaejoong was delusional because of the fever or Yunho's mind is playing tricks on him. Either way Yunho couldn't help but unconsciously smile brightly. Jaejoong was his best friends, best friends can kiss and hug each other, it's normal. At least that's what Yunho tried convincing himself.

That night the rain poured down through the skies and the thunder and lightning clashed against each other just like how it was those years ago. But this time a soft warm glow laminated the room while in bed there laid a sleeping figure with a calm and tender expression as he hugged close another boy who laid his head onto of the latter's chest. The smaller one buried his face into the taller ones chest thankful for such a wonderful friend and he slept contentedly despite his high temperature. He felt dizzy and lost but not because of the fever but because of his own actions, but he's glad to say that he doesn't regret anything he's done today. The one on the bottom just wrapped his arms firmly around the smaller ones hips and he felt the hot skin before him and couldn't help but marvel at the softness it had.

A long time ago two little young boys hugged each other in a thunderstorm, and in between was a small red elephant plushie that squished itself in between. Now two boys, one with a fever and one who was slightly stunned embraced each other tightly and in between wasn't a red elephant but each other's warmth.

It was each other's existence that helped them through this thunderous night.
[ END ]

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astral_skyastral_sky on February 9th, 2010 11:43 am (UTC)
Heyhey, how do you guys even finish off your fics? I get strayed every time I open the document. HAHA.

Oh but good job! Dongbang fics are my fav :D
Yupp, I think I'll probably have the motivation to write one after I fetch Junsu from the airport, hahahahahah.

keep the fidelityfaith! :D
(Anonymous) on February 9th, 2010 11:49 am (UTC)
omo I love DBSK to bits and pieces too! :DDD

btw, aren't fidelity and faith the same thing? o_o
beautiful duo; TVXQ!ialways_am on February 9th, 2010 12:14 pm (UTC)
uh well,
/thinks hard

they're the same but they're NOT THE SAME hahaha :)

anyway its all good y/y? 8D
beautiful duo; TVXQ!ialways_am on February 9th, 2010 12:08 pm (UTC)
thanks for reading /♥

and who says I don't stray, you just don't know.. T_T

can you help fetch yunnie too..? :') I'll love you forever and ever!