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16 November 2009 @ 08:48 pm
Two hearts [prologue]  
Title: Two Hearts
Length: Chaptered/00
Ratings: PG-13 (for now)
Pairings: Yunjae
Summary: can't think of any now ):
Disclaimer:any plots which are similair to this are purely coincidental (:

A/N: This is the prologue to the upcoming chapters of ' Two Hearts'. Haha min. The title is not decided yet so yeah >__<

Yunho slung one arm around Sunhye, whilst using the other to grasp the door handle to the school library. She seemed a little more than willing to be around him, and he wondered why. Girls just flock to him at his beck and call, just as bees are attracted to sweet nectar in the spring.
A smile played across his lips as he saw a familiar figure entering into the corner of his eyes.

‘Mhm, he’s earlier than usual today’, he thought to himself.


‘Oppa, why are you so happy today?’Sunhye tugged at the sleeves of his sleek black Armani jacket, demanding for an answer. He stared down at her with a look of disinterest as he dragged her with his strong hands to the other side of the library in an excuse to find books for his research project, or to be more exact, the books that were near him.

‘Oppa~ why didn’t you answer my question?’ Sunhye’s lips formed the shape of a pout. He ignored her as she continued to hit him on his chest, eyes lingering on her lips.

I knew what she wanted immediately. Women are so predictable.

Cringing at the toxic taste her painted lips made, he forced himself to plant as little possible kisses on her, as he held both sides of her waist firmly pecking her from the jawlines of her chin down to her neck. He snuck a glance over her shoulders to peek at the pretty boy he has been observing for days now. He was sitting at one corner of the study tables, reading intently and listening to his iPod with his earphones plugged into both ears.

The next second the pretty boy's eyebrows were knitted together and his lips puckered together in an attempt to focus on his book, making his already plump looking lips seem juicier. He looks cute when he’s concentrating.


Feeling slightly uncomfortable at the fact that someone was probably staring at him at his sides, Jaejoong look upwards. His eyes met the poignant ones of Yunho’s, which were staring straight back at him with a perplexing look slightly litting up his face. Immediately his gaze landed swiftly back on his book again as he tried to swipe the image of Yunho and Sunhye kissing off his mind. He then tried to concentrate, a little too much on the book, brows knitted together in a seemly uncomfortable frown.

To Jaejoong, this little ‘make-out session’ meant nothing to him; it was in the norm to be have public displays of affection actually. But who would like someone actually catching you doing it with another person? It will just be plain annoying, must less to say embarrassing. Who could stand it?

And besides, it was Jung Yunho whom caught him staring back at him, definitely not good – he thought to himself.

He’s just one of those everyday popular kid you meet in any school. Except that he was probably more, well, different. He was not one of the snobbish rich kids who likes to flaunt their branded bags and accessories, nor the type which are notorious for bullying newcomers. In fact, he was just about the perfect guy every girl wanted. His warm personality and charming features grabbed much attention from the girls, as well as the envious guys willing to trade places to be him for a day anytime.

Jaejoong then left the library in a hurry without turning back, afraid that Yunho might question him about his little intrusion at their privacy.

Yunho saw it. He saw how Jaejoong’s face turned into brighter shades of red when both landed their gaze on each other. He saw how the next second the pretty boy's eyebrows were knitted together and his lips puckered together in an attempt to focus on his book instead, making his already plump looking lips seem juicer. He looks too cute—he thought to himself.

Just at that moment Sunhye was trying to deepen the kiss, and he had to turn his attention back to her, whom by now was trying to get all of Yunho’s attention onto her. Yunho tried to focus on deepening the kiss instead, closing his eyes and let himself imagine.

Imagining that it was his lips that he was kissing instead.


When Sunhye was done releasing her manicured nails from her grasp on Yunho he immediately turned his head over in search for the pretty boy he had seen earlier.


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